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Product Highlights and Solutions

Here you'll find a product list of all exhibitors, previous exhibitors and pre-selected companies that attend(ed) Free From Expo Packaging:

Premium Packaging

 by Belgian Sweets Design

They provide packaging solutions for chocolate and sweet manufactuers:

  • Boxes
  • Ribbons
  • Bags
  • Decorations
  • Accessories
  • Collections

Cellophane Bags

 by Colacel BVBA

They have over 50 years of experience in Cellophane packaging

  • Bags in uncoated natureflex
  • Bags in coated natureflex
  • Shop rolls
  • Other Packaging

Sustainable Tableware

 by Ecoware

  • Plates
  • Bowls
  • Cups
  • Trays
  • Boxes
  • Cutlery

sustainable packaging options

 by Fibrapack by i3D

  • Fibrapack Palm: Best option for displaying and preserving fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Fibrapack White Sugar: Food trays and tableware made from sugarcane bagasse
  • Fibrapack Brown Sugar: Food trays and tableware made of sugarcane bagasse
  • Fibrapack Bamboo: Most sustainable option for salad, bowls, soup cups and ice cream tubs
  • Fibrapack Punnet: Fruit Punnet made from natural fibers
  • Fibrapack cups: Natural fiber cups and accessories

Compostable bags

 by Nurel S.A.

INZEA Biopolymers fulfill the EU regulation EN13432 that ensures the complete compostability of the film. To confirm its compostability OK Compost certificate is available for all our product range. Following the new legislative trends on sustainability, we have developed new INZEA grades that comply with the HOME Compost certification.

INZEA based agricultural films, are biodegradable in soil according to the European Standard EN 17033, ensuring the correct biodegradation in the field without causing any harm for the environment.

Bi Material Packaging

 by Packalim

Our packaging can fit all kind of food products : seafood, snacking, delifood, etc. They are manufactured in our eco-friendly plant, which is a gray room, to hold food industry standards.

They have a standard range of more than 500 references. Packalim trays are completly customizable and it avoids overwrapping. They have developing the eco designed trays for more than 15 years.

Large range of quality and innovative products and brands

 by ProChile

-          plant based food;

-          GMO Free products;

-          organic food;

-          free from food;

-          healthy food;

-          superfood;

-          natural ingredients and additives;

-          food innovation;

-          innovative containers and packaging materials.


These innovations have been developed by companies of different sizes, but with a similar vision for internalization and expansion into new markets.  

Recycle cardboard

 by Scoopeasy

They produce recycled cardboard that decomposes after use, it avoids burdening the environment and is recycled without the need of any special conditions.

Cosmetics Packaging

 by Unipack Korea

Unipack provides packaging solutions for companies in Beauty and Skincare. In addition they produce PLA Paper Pouch or Bag which can be used for following applications:

  • Cosmetics Mask Pack
  • Coffee Bag
  • All kinds of Food Bag
  • Disposable Stick Type Pouch
  • Washing Soap or Powder or water soap


 by Van de Velde Group Packaging

P. Van De Velde Group has various smart packaging sultions for your needs:

  • Colid Cardboard
  • Folding Carton
  • Combipack
  • Packaging Solutions


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